Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Of all the Colors of a Rainbow - I'm BLUE!

You Are Blue

You believe the key to living a good life is simple. Be as honest with yourself and others as possible.

You value the truth over everything else. You will remain loyal to those who are honest with you, even if their honesty hurts.

Compared to most people, you handle the truth well.

You take every event in stride. You are the calm spot in a sea of chaos.

You think the solution to most problems is open communication. You wish that people would be more real with each other.

I just love these quizzes sometimes - this one is again dead on! This is really & truly how I feel!

(Except the part about taking stuff in stride, etc. - I'm not always the calmest fish in the sea! LOL)

Just the other day, I was "lecturing" my kid on how important loyalty - unconditional loyalty is! Hmmmmm???? Weird coincidence today! (And blue is my favorite color too!)

You've GOT to try these quizzes I put on Geni's Gab! You might be surprised and have a little fun at the same time! You never know until you try!

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Anonymous said...

HI Geni. This is mine, not so sure its very accurate though??????? Gloria F.!!

You Are Green
You are a very intuitive person. You understand what people need. You are both a natural healer and persuader.
You've always found it easy to get what you want in life, whether that is material success or just making a difference in other people's lives.

You change with the times, and if anything, you tend to lead the way toward the future. You anticipate what's going to happen next.
You have the opportunity to be a very powerful person. What you end up doing with your power is up to you.