Saturday, October 24, 2009

50 Things About Me

1. Like to be organized
2. Like stickers and labeling things
3. Like to write w/mechanical pencil or medium point blue Bic pen
4. Like making lists
5. Like “garbage hunting,” going to flea markets, and to thrift shops
6. Like finding (and buying) bargains
7. Like rearranging things, esp. furniture and closets
8. Like ironing & doing laundry
9. Like Kool-aid (or Flav-o-aid), esp. Pink Lemonade
10. Hate roaches
11. Love my pets & taking pictures of them
12. Hate having my picture taken
13. Love doing different things on my computer
14. Love trivia and learning things
15. Love “Tuesday 2-fers”
16. Love doing & polishing my nails
17. Hate cleaning my ashtrays
18. Love just about any kind of melon
19. Hate going to the fair
20. Love laughing and hearing/making others laugh
21. Love going to the zoo
22. Love earrings
23. Hate to throw up
24. Hate going to the dentist
25. Hate going to the gynecologist
26. Love animals, except snakes, lizards, frogs, and all rodents
27. Love to swim
28. Love to drive fast
29. Loved being a teacher
30. Hate prejudice, racism, and bigoted people
31. Not religious, despite how strictly I was raised
32. Might be agnostic or atheist
33. Hate being asked what nationality or race I am
34. Love spray paining things
35. Love to download and watch movies
36. Love reality TV shows, esp. Dancing with the Stars
37. Love “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” show
38. Want to own my own (successful) business one day soon
39. My dream car is a Cadillac
40. I plan to build my dream home one day
41. My favorite colors are blue, gold, and purple
42. I want to go to Alaska one day
43. I also want to go on a Safari one day
44. I want long hair
45. I’ve been overweight my whole life, except from 1983 to 1993!
46. Like R & B music, as well as Classic rock
47. Am afraid of heights, but not of flying
48. Terrified of tornadoes, but very interested in them
49. Don’t like being around old people or infants
50. Hate people who speak with too much slang or “fad” words

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