Wednesday, September 30, 2009

One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure

Would you rather have a professional interior decorator do your house for you or would you prefer to do it yourself?
We all have different styles and different tastes when it comes to decorating or simply setting up our homes. Things one might find appealing and priceless might be repulsive garbage to another. Just because Martha Stewart painted her walls bright blue doesn’t mean everyone should!

According to
HGTV, the home and garden network, here are the 25 Biggest Decorating Mistakes:
  1. NEVER use a toilet rug! It’s just gross!
  2. Don’t display too many framed photos - if you must keep them out, use albums - and tuck them neatly away.
  3. Don’t ignore the foyer - anything is better than nothing - a mirror is great or a “skinny” table.
  4. Hide cords, cables, and wires - dangerous and tacky!
  5. Be careful of out of place themes - like decorating with a sports or fantasy theme - everywhere - not just in the kids‘ rooms! Or using a tropical or beach theme when the house is actually in the suburbs or the country!!
  6. Update! Don’t have outdated accessories - old fixtures or hardware, etc.
  7. Unbalanced furniture arrangement - don’t have too many bulky things in one area - mix it up.
  8. Don’t feel obligated to keep (much less display) something you hate - like that ugly rug you got as an anniversary gift or that hideous candy dish you got for your wedding - when in doubt, throw it out!
  9. Being too formal - like it should be “gold-roped off” - one ought not be afraid to sit on it or use it.
  10. Any uncomfortable chairs - no matter how expensive or how chic or how “in” - who wants to sit for any period of time on a futon or a wicker chair or a bench?!
  11. Poorly planned arrangement with regard to the natural traffic pattern. Bumping into furniture or having to swerve to miss it - not cool!
  12. Nothing looks worse than when everything is matching - use accent colors - using all one color or shades of one color is a sign of a psychotic individual!
  13. Don’t overspend (waste) money by following the latest fad - when it goes out of trend, get rid of it.
  14. Always know the measurements of the room for which you’re buying furniture - don’t cram or overlap items.
  15. Just as one color is bad, too many colors is worse.
  16. Beware of the “floating rug” - don’t center your rug - put the front feet of the furniture on it.
  17. Give care to proper and efficient lighting - consider the type of lighting appropriate for the activity - track lighting vs. lamps vs. fluorescent lighting.
  18. Hanging frames too high - wall hangings (especially mirrors) should ALWAYS be at eye level.
  19. If you must cover your sofa or chairs, use accent pillows (not too many though) or fabric spray (Scotch Guard, etc.) or attractive throw blankets.
  20. Don’t push everything against the walls - careful placement can give the illusion of large open space.
  21. Don’t ignore your windows - and don’t EVER use blankets or sheets - even if you did creatively spruce them up - and avoid mini blinds! (see # 20 & #13)
  22. Color has amazing effects - don’t be afraid to paint your walls - or your ceiling!
  23. Watch out for “Knick-knack Overload!” Use sparingly; rotate them - better yet, store, donate, sell, or throw away!
  24. Too many pillows - ugh! If you can’t sit on the couch or bed without having to move them…
  25. The most appalling decorating mistake - FAKE FLOWERS OR PLANTS! Use real or NONE! They gather dust and dirt, don’t bring any “Life” in, and don’t smell good at all!
I have to confess, I’ve made more than half of these “mistakes” and still do! Do you?

There are many other things to think about too -
  • Obvious evidence of kids
  • Obvious evidence of pets’ food, bedding, toys
  • Reptile or amphibian aquariums or bird cages
  • Too much (or too little) light
  • Large TVs in bedrooms
  • Abundance of craft or homemade items
  • Wicker furniture or accessories INSIDE
  • Lack of a clock
  • Too many candles
  • Fake fruit
  • Food in “non-food” areas
  • Potpourri overload
  • Oriental or Persian rugs
  • Overly elaborate or ornate chandeliers or light fixtures
  • Visible computers
  • Overloaded or unorganized bookshelves
  • Magazines on coffee tables or end tables
And so on…
Can you think of any others?

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