Friday, May 1, 2009

My Pets - Past & Present

Note: I apologize if this post is more for my benefit than the readers.
It's kind of a post related to my personal history.

"Lil Baby"

Over the years, I can't believe I have had 18 pets! There were 9 cats and 9 dogs, and only 3 were "childhood" pets. These family members I could not have lived this long without! My mom says I take better care of them than I do of myself!

The cats were:
  • Snowball, our family's white American long hair - they say I absolutely terrorized this cat when I was a toddler.
  • Tarzana, a "tiger" cat that was my first pet after I moved out of my parents house. At first I named the cat Tarzan - till SHE had babies!
  • BooBoo - was one of Tarzana's kids. He lived with me until he was 16 and died of old age.
  • Coco - another white American long hair who was deaf and understood "sign" language.
  • KittKatt was a fat black kitty who loved to climb trees but was so fat that he couldn't get back down. He would cry & cry LOUDLY until we climbed a ladder to get him!
  • PeeWee Herman - another tiger kitty. What a "loose woman" she was! She had 3 litters, one right after the other! Seemed like I was always giving away kitties.
  • Monster - a gorgeous tiger-colored long hair - he got hit by a car & my husband cried more than I did - he was so distraught that his best friend had to bury Monster for us.
  • Mookie - my husband's pride & joy - a grey long hair - Mookie loved to hide - once he curled up in the punch bowl on top of the fridge and scared the you-know-what out of us when he jumped out!
  • Lil Baby - (in the pic at the top) - she had been with me for 14 years - she disappeared when we moved to our new place. I miss her - haven't gotten over the guilt yet.
The dogs were:
  • Shorty - a black dachshund that my father got for us when I was in grade school. He used to sleep in front of the fridge waiting for my mom to fix his scrambled eggs. Once my dad accidentally stepped on his leg and broke it - poor little Shorty had to wear this gigantic splint on his little leg - he got scrambled eggs AND bacon after that!
  • Trapper - a 3 month old St. Bernard puppy - my dad made us give him away to some people who had a farm because he feared the dog growing up and eating us out of house & home and being too enormous!
  • Taurus - my first dog - actually my husband's because Taurus was a full blooded Doberman Pinscher. He would stand up and put his paws on my shoulders and was a foot taller than me! He got so big & strong that I became scared of him and we gave him to a used car lot.
  • Salem - a loveable brown "mutt" that I got at the Humane Society. He was so sweet & so loyal - Bree used to drag him around by his tail when she was a baby and he let her!
  • Buddy - a light brown pit bull - became too hard to handle - he bit a man working at my house and had to be put down.
  • Dookie - a black Rottweiller - he got his name because he "dookied" everywhere!
  • Baby - traded Dookie for her - she's a black Lab-Shepherd mix - have had her for around 13 years. She's my "Baby" and although she getting gray hair, she's still is the lady of the house!
  • Jack - he was a black Chow-Chow - I was feeding him for a neighbor and he wouldn't ever go back to them - so I adopted him! He got mange and was so sick though that the vet recommended he be put to sleep.
  • Sandy - my 3 year old Cocker Spaniel - he had showed up in our old neighborhood visiting his "girlfriend" next door. He stayed & stayed for over a month. He would sleep at my front door - finally, after putting flyers around the neighborhood saying "Found Puppy" for 2 or 3 weeks, I adopted him. I took him to the vet who discovered he had heartworms. The treatment would run around a thousand dollars or he would probably die. So I spent the money and today he is my sweetie-pie and as happy & healthy as can be!
So now I just have Sandy and Baby. I would love to get another kitty, but I fear how the 2 pups would react. If something were to happen to Baby (oh, I would just die!) then I guess I will get a kitty then. Sandy would be more tolerant.

I don't know what I would do without my pets. They are the best therapy! I am never alone or lonely as long as they're around. They truly are "man's best friend" - and definitely members of the family!

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