Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dancing with the Stars - Lil Kim???

Lil Kim was "voted" off Dancing with the Stars this week!

And Ty Murray, the hillbilly-rodeo guy wasn't!? And Shawn Johnson remains too?

Are you kidding me?

Does anyone else think "Something's wrong with this picture!"

I'm done with the show - I am so totally baffled that
it's just not worth watching anymore and not worth the headache! Is this a dance contest or a personality contest?

And tell me - why do the "minority" girls always get kicked off so soon? (Remember
Mel B? And Laila Ali? And Monique Coleman?)

I don't understand the logic of the show anymore - why even bother to have experienced judges giving critiques and points if it's not really about the dancing? Shoot, they could have had anybody -
Barbara Walters or Martha Stewart judge - what does it matter?

I'll bet you a dollar
Melissa Rycroft (talent or no talent - and she IS talented) will be the winner - it's probably been up ABC's sleeve all the while! Especially since she was embarrassed so badly on their network! Maybe they made some kind of deal - they already have the next Bachelorette, so maybe this will be their way of making it up to her!

But, at least, it's refreshing to know that they all get the same pay ($100,000.00) - unless they win 1st, 2nd, or 3rd - uh, wait a minute, wasn't Lil Kim 4th? Hmmmm, very interesting!

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