Tuesday, March 3, 2009

American Idol 2009

American Idol has finally gotten going. The auditions are somewhat amusing, but they get so tedious - I was so ready for the actual singing and junk to get started.

So, now we're narrowing down the final 36 - they are singing in 3 groups of 12 each - voting will whittle that down to the top 3 of each group and then I suppose the judges pick the last 3 (at least they had in the past.)

But, there's a fourth judge this season. Some chick named Kara DioGuardi - never heard of her. There was some recent controversy about Paula Abdul not being too thrilled about the new addition - for once, I have to agree with Paula - the new girl doesn't fit in right.

Have you picked a favorite yet? I have - I was pretty impressed - no, actually, blown away by Adam Lambert, the unique fellow from Los Angeles. He sang "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" by the Rolling Stones - I thought he was really good!

Who do you like so far?

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