Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Got my first "Cussing Out" today!

I got verbally attacked today! At first, I thought it was kind of bizarre - just came out of no where. But, now that I'm looking back, it's the stuff sitcoms are made of! I can just hear Jerry Seinfeld taking this ball and running with it!!! Here'as how it went down -

I've recently "discovered" a pretty cool site called MyLot. Let me tell you super briefly what it's about: You earn REAL money, albeit extremely slowly, by starting and responding to discussions by and with other members. They pay you when you reach $10.00 through Paypal. The earnings aren't monumental - I'm only up to around $5.00, but hey, why not get a little compensation for running my mouth which I do regardless!?

I usually go to the site every day and look around for discussions that interest me enough to stimulate me to make quality contributions. It's really interesting - you wouldn't believe the enormous range of topics! When you get a minute, just look at all of the "interests" I list on my profile page!

But, here's what happened today - you aren't going to believe this. A fella named Brandon posted a discussion about how to make money online. Naturally, I gave it a look. I checked out the link he provided to a video on YouTube. The plan seems very believable. But, if you know me, I'm a skeptic from way back! After lots of clicking the various links, I replied to him that I was confused and wanted to talk to him more. I ended my reply by sarcastically commenting that there were a lot of spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors on their main page.

Man, you would have thought I told him his whole family was ugly and retarded! Not only did he post a rude public comment, but he had the audacity to send me a private message! Check it out and tell me what you think. Was I offensive? Was he correct in "blasting me" the way he did? I guess sometimes some people just don't get my so-called sense of humor - is that it?


Hi Brandon - I went to your website and subsequently went to YouTube and listened to several of "The FurryHatGuy's" videos. I also went to your page and to freecashtoriches. Lastly, I spent quite a bit of time on the 202up site, reading about all of the videos and even watched the sample video.

Guess what? Other than the $20 for the first people, then $10 here, and $10 there - I still can't quite grasp the concept. Tom asked you "How does a newbie do it?" - DO WHAT? Is it all in the many websites ya'll set up? I don't see where the money comes from? Who is paying the money? And who is "holding" it to pay the team members?

202up's videos are about having a successful website - what are we selling? Is it up to the individual? For example, what do you, in particular, sell or promote?

Will you go to my profile page & add me as a friend so I can pick your brains some more? Perhaps you can take a look at one of my 2 blog sites to see where I'm coming from? Ya'll also don't mention a start up cost - is it the $20? I'm so confused! LOL:)

P.S. I used to teach high school English - perhaps I could help the 202up people correct all of the spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors on that page/site!


How about phuck you...can you correct the spelling on that ya bytch. Have a nice day. I'll continue making money while you sit on your chair and keep doing lame surveys.

Wow! That's pretty rude (you shouldn't say cuss words here - even if they are "disguised" by being misspelled) as was the crude message you sent me! Evidently you took my response and last (sarcastic) comment the wrong way! How are you able to make money being rude to people? I had actually thought the concept was pretty interesting too. The message you sent me was extremely foul and uncalled for! I apologize if I hurt your feelings or offended you, but you had no call to speak to me the way you did!

Did you correct the spelling on my subject. First off phuck you. I don't need your sarcasm as I'm very successful. I don't want someone like you on my team anyways so you don't deserve one ounce of my time. Suhk a fatty ya dum hore. Correct the spelling there also you failing english bytch

Is this dude a nut case or what? What do you think of his reaction? And mine, for that matter?

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K9 Passion said...

Oh, wow. This guy is a total nut job! You have got to be kidding me. No, I know you're not, because I've seen Mylot and how people can be so......Um, *nicely put* uptight? I kind of thought your sarcasm was funny. Was he the creator of this 'business' that he had? If he was, that's one business I'd stay away from. Your reaction, MAN I feel sorry for you. I can't even begin to imagine, as you (it seemed) were trying to be as polite as possible to someone like that. Immaturity will only get him so far though, eventually he won't be as successful as he claims, not if he's treating prospective like that.