Wednesday, October 1, 2008


What the Hell was That??

Neil E. Boyd
, the opera singer won?

Are you kidding me??? There is NO WAY!! I can NOT believe that the majority of the votes were for him! Are you trying to make me believe that millions of fans of opera called in, went online or "texted" votes for Neil! Are there even a million opera fans? Much less that watch network television! Who are you kidding?!

Did you see the looks on the faces in the audience when Jerry Springer announced that "Nuttin' But Strings" got third place? Did you see the judges' reactions? Everyone fully expected Nuttin' But Strings to win! They should have!

I mean, Neil is a good singer (a bit of a cry-baby though) but he won't hold our attention the way Nuttin' But Strings would have! Those boys deserved to win! They belong in Vegas! This is an absolute travesty! I am totally through with this show.

I know there will be some sort of protest and if not, I AM STARTING ONE NOW!!!!


Anonymous said...

There is no way that Boyd should have beaten Nuttin but Strings OR Eli Matsen. That was absolutely the most ridiculous outcome I have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Nuttin But Strings should have won. I don't know if the show is rigged. It may have been another one of those loser groups that works to screw up the results of these shows. Remember Alfred Chung... Boyd does have great pipes, though. and how in the hell did Queen Emily come in 5th?

PenaltyKillah said...

Well... I'm a little sorry to hear about your loss.

Based on the vote, more Americans thought that there was (no, not "no way", but) EVERY way that Boyd should have beaten Nuttin' but Stringz OR Eli Mattson than those who didn't.

You know, everytime I encounter a "such and such was RIGGED" complaint, I think of how we subconciously base ourselves as the model of common opinion in society. But with that many millions voting... I'd say that's just a bit of bitter bias.

Now wipe those tears and move on. Naw, that's a little cruel. How about "there's always next year?" :)

Anonymous said...

I did'nt care for nuttin but strings.I thought they were better than boyd.I don't think he had a better voice than any of the others.I think Eli Matson was the best on the show.One has to ask ,would I buy his cd's?would I pay to see him live?Yes but only his.The strings guys are more visual.I do think the show is fixed.Pierce liked the opera guy so he won.Gary

PenaltyKillah said...

Personally, I did support Nuttin' But Stringz. And yes, I agreed that NBC did feature Neal E. Boyd a bit more in the initial previews of the season. For NBS too keep up with him - without much prior screentime - is already a big accomplishment.

But the term "this show is RIGGED" is paradoxically offensive. Having an opinion or bias is, of course, a natural human behaviour, but to blatantly accuse is a bit too far. Especially to a show that is very much loved.

Of course, those who use the term jokingly may as well be forgiven; others may be on the brink of self-delusion.

And there's always next year!

Anonymous said...

Piers DID NOT want the Neal to win, he was rooted NBS ALL THE WAY. At the end Peirs hardly had a smile on his face he Neal won.