Thursday, September 4, 2008

I Just Barely Survived the Move

So, I guess you’re wondering what the heck happened to me - I’ve been a lot less visible lately. Maybe you missed me - or maybe you’ve been enjoying the break - well, anyway, I’m back - sorta! Have a seat - you know this is gonna be a long one!

August has been a super hectic month for me. First, Bree’s adoption was finalized on the 8th. Then I finally found a house to move into and I closed on it on the 16th - two days after I turned 50 and two days before school started back!

Moving was a nightmare. Actually, I’m not even done yet. The idiot movers forgot my stove and my favorite massage recliner! And I have yet to find someone with a truck to get them for me - and I refuse to rent a U-Haul again - Ugh - what another nightmare! (Naturally, I got the raggediest truck they had.)

Now, don’t get me wrong - I love the new place. I have three relatively small bedrooms to myself. (Planning to knock down a wall between 2 of them later on) I have more cabinet and storage spaces than ever - I don’t even know what to put in them yet! AND I have a cool workshop in the backyard - a separate building - shelves and cabinets and counters and lighting and it’s mine too - Bree is scared of it! She says it’s haunted - shoot, fine with me - keep your little butt and your teenager junk out of it! I bought a sling blade and have been taking out my stress on the vines and weeds along the chain link fence (which I’m not too fond of - rather have the wood privacy fence type - may have to change that later on too.)

With no stove, we’ve been eating out a lot and microwaving our butts off! And of course you know teenagers are no help at all! Bree did manage to take care of all of her belongings and set up her room all by herself. (Her room, which is on the opposite end of the house from my rooms, is super hot, so we had to get a room air conditioner.)

And I haven’t moved my old dresser down to her room yet because I haven’t decided on which one to give her or to just try to get “new” bedroom sets from Craigslist, - so her room is a big mess - bags and boxes lined up along her walls all around her room. She’s still got her poor turtles in a giant Styrofoam cup because she doesn’t have a table to set their aquarium on! Jeez! What’s next???

Then, right in the middle of the commotion, here comes that damn hurricane Faye! We didn’t have electricity for three freakin’ days. A gigantic tree in our new neighborhood fell onto a main electrical source and because it kept storming like crazy the workers couldn’t catch a break - and neither could we. There was no where to get food from - we ate peanut butter and jelly and tons of fruit and bottled water!

Oh, and that’s another thing! The house supposedly has two bathrooms - NOT! My bathroom is actually a full bath HOWEVER it had been “gutted” and is not done, much less usable. Then Bree’s “bathroom” actually turned out to be a sink and a toilet placed in a corner of the huge utility room. We decided to add a tub and a wall and a door to make it a full bath.

BUT, due to the storm and whatever bad luck can come my way, we have only one operating toilet between us and no tub or shower! We’ve been going back to the old house to bathe every day or every other day. It’s about a 25 mile round trip! I bought the bathtubs and had them picked up and now they are sitting in my new living room awaiting their fate.

I had to fire the original contractor for a million reasons, mostly he was a redneck jerk who lied every time he opened his mouth. So now I have no dedicated contractor. The plumbing company I am going to have do the work has been a friend of the family for years - BUT he’s backed up too because of busted pipes and flooding, etc. that he’s already dealing with. He doesn’t usually take jobs as far away from his office as I am, but he’s making an exception. (I put my momma on him and he couldn’t refuse! Hahaha)

Wait! There’s more confusion yet to tell! For the last 2 weeks my stupid car has not been starting on its own! Sometimes it did, sometimes it didn’t! And of course, it only didn’t start when it was 100 degrees out or when I had only 15 minutes to get Bree to school on time (her new school is only about 10 minutes away - she’s at a “magnet” school taking up cosmetology - loves it! Hurray!) Finally got a new battery yesterday (for $95 dadgum dollars! $10 refunded when I take the old one to them) and paid a friend $15 to put it in for me. So I sat around watching my toenails grow all afternoon!

Oh, I forgot to mention that I had foot surgery on July 29th on the bottoms of both of my feet to remove those “seed” corns - felt like I had a thumbtack in my feet all the time. The surgery itself went great - I felt nothing, especially since my doctor gave me a bunch of Vicodin! Bree did come through for me and waited on me hand and foot for the first two days, but after that I was on my own! I am still bandaged up - one foot started bleeding again last week and I was told to stay off my feet - yea, right! What a joke!

Last thing I wanna tell ya about is “good news and bad news” - Here’s the good news: When I was house hunting, I ran into my best friend, Marci, by sheer coincidence - her husband is a cop and we stopped to ask for directions not knowing it was him and that we were right in front of their house. I hadn’t seen her since my husband died 15 years ago! Since I was so depressed, we lost touch. We smiled, we cried, we laughed! (Marci, if you’re reading this - I love ya!) I met her two sons and they all met Bree. It was fantastic and when all this mess dies down I plan to see her quite a lot! After all, now we only live about 3 miles from each other!

Okay, the bad news - Lil Baby is gone. That‘s my cat that I’d had for about 13 or 14 years. I brought her over to the new place after the commotion died down and showed her around the house and cuddled her and tried to make her less nervous. But, lo and behold, I haven’t seen her since about the second day. I assume she ran away trying to get back to the old house, but between having to go across a major bridge to get back and the horrible weather, I fear she has died. Every time I go to the old house, I go outside and call for her - just hoping, but no such luck. We walked around the new neighborhood calling her but she’s gone. My poor Lil Baby - I feel so sad when I think about it. So I’m not going to do that anymore right now.

So, I guess that gets you basically caught up. There’s more but I just can’t think anymore right now. (Oh, I did forget to mention that I didn’t have the Internet till about a week ago!) That damn Faye and now we’ve got Hanna on her way.

Another update: took the car battery back to Advanced Auto Parts yesterday - couldn't get anyone to help me get it inside, so I did it myself - and guess what? I got battery acid all over my pants and foot - it burned like hell! All for 10 stinkin' dollars!

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