Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Are you following "America's Got Talent" this season? I have caught it a few times in the beginning - I had decided the rotund singer, Neil E. Boyd, was my favorite.

BUT, tonight I caught the opening act - I hadn't seen these guys before - How in the world did I miss them? They are FANTASTIC! America's Got 'Nuttin' But Strings' and like David Hasselhoff said, "Nuttin' But Vegas."

This is definitely the act that will win the million dollars!

According to the brief bio/intro given tonight, these guys are from New York City and began performing in the subways. A true 'rags to riches' story! Now watch this video from YouTube - they absolutely give me goosebumps!

I've never seen anything so creative, so entertaining, so unique - they are so talented! Check it out!

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