Monday, July 14, 2008

Oh, NOW you tell me!

  1. Trust me.
  2. Don't turn off the lights.
  3. Don't turn off the car.
  4. You should have turned left.
  5. You should have turned right.
  6. You should have gone straight.
  7. Did you turn off the stove?
  8. Did you turn off the water?
  9. Did you put out the fire?
  10. Did you bring the Dramamine?
  11. Did you bring some aspirin?
  12. Do you have a tampon?
  13. Where did the cigarette I was smoking go?
  14. Did you sign it before you mailed it?
  15. Did you check on the kids?
  16. Are these stairs sturdy?
  17. Will the railing hold?
  18. Is this bridge safe?
  19. Is that a tornado?
  20. What is that fin?
  21. Does he bite?
  22. Did you set the alarm clock?
  23. Is that a real grenade?
  24. Do we have a fire extinguisher?
  25. Have you checked the parachute lately?
  26. Where are the life jackets?
  27. Is there enough oxygen?
  28. What time was my court hearing?
  29. What's the speed limit?
  30. Did you put gas in the car?
  31. Is the lake frozen solid?
  32. Do you see that tree?
  33. I wonder if the electricity is on?
  34. Did you use a condom?
  35. Have you changed the baby's diaper today?
  36. Did you bring the airline tickets?
  37. Do you have change for the parking meter?
  38. Is this gun loaded?
  39. Does this horse like to be ridden?
  40. Is that a real snake?

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