Monday, July 21, 2008

Buying a House: Guess what I found out?

We finally found a house we liked last week. It is exactly what we are looking for, with some exceptions. It's three bedrooms, one for me, one for Bree, and one for the "office/computer room." It supposedly is 2 baths, but it's actually a full bath and a three-quarter bath, having no tub, only a shower. The kitchen is humongous and there's a screened porch and a huge back yard. 2 car covered carport, separate utility room, built-in bookshelves and a pass-through bar, not to mention ample closet and storage space.

What could possibly be wrong? Well, it's got a freakin' septic system, rather than city water! How country is that? I don't know much about them, but anything I've heard hasn't been good. They overflow, get stopped up, and stink! I want regular city water!

So, I found an article about Jacksonville wanting all of the septic systems converted to city water systems because of the concern for our river. The estimated cost is around $13,685. I think the city may have some sort of incentive or sponsorship project - I hope so. I called a friend of my dad's who owns a plumbing company and left word for him to call me and that I wanted to ask him some questions about a house I'm interested in buying. I also called JEA, the power company, and left word for Johnny Shepherd, who supposedly oversees JEA's involvement with the city program regarding septic systems. I'm hoping to get some good news or information tomorrow.

I'm hoping that when I make an offer to the bank, who is the seller (it's a foreclosure property) they will make the allowance for this repair. If not, I guess I'll have to go back to hunting for a house. Sucks too 'cos I had already imagined where my furniture would go.

I sure didn't need this glitch. School starts next month on the 18th and I really wanted to, not necessarily be settled, but at least able to legally use the address to enroll Bree in that district's high school. Cross your fingers!

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anna said...

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House hunting is a pain I know....I wish you the best.