Thursday, March 20, 2008

Twin Boys, born in 1954, of a Portuguese Mother

Do you know two guys, born as twins in 1954 in Jacksonville, Florida? They have two older half-brothers, one born in 1951 and one in 1952. Do you know them? If so, I am their sister!

Fifty years ago, a young Portuguese woman, twice-divorced with 4 young boys, got herself pregnant again. Only this time, she wasn't married to the father. That was not acceptable back in those days. She evidently (or so she'll probably say) had no choice but to put the baby up for adoption. I'm sure she felt like she was making the right decision for all involved.

She had to temporarily place the two older boys in the care of the Catholic Charities organization, and put the twins with their father. In the summer of 1958, she begged her second husband, the twins' father, to take her back. He did and, soon after my birth, she reclaimed the boys and went on to live happily ever after. She even had a girl in 1960.

I was put up for adoption and we all never got to meet. Should we meet now? Or is it too late?

As with all kids separated from their natural families, I have been curious about my origin. I have often wondered about what features I got from my birth parents. Does she wonder about me? Do my siblings even know of my existence? If they did, you would think it would be natural to be curious. Have they tried to locate me? Or have they simply gone on with their lives?

It's mind-boggling - the thoughts that go through adoptees' minds. I don't care how emotionally stable or mature or together they may be or think they are, it is human nature to wonder. I've known I was adopted since the beginning - I grew up in a wonderful, loving home - yet, something is still missing.

Who knows? Maybe one day...oh well, que sera sera - what will be will be!

Brothers and sister - email me ...


theresa said...

I know the two guys, they weren't born in Florida though they were born in Lancaster PA. Their names are Ronald Logan and Donald Louis Hossler. They were born July 26th 1954. They are your brothers.. I know this because i am the one born in March 1960...I am your sister, Theresa....I only found out about you last Sunday, February 20, 2011 and started searching as soon as I could. I am hoping that you will want to get to know each other. You are my sister and I love you

theresa said...

If you want to contact me. send me an email to: or call 904-400-1383