Saturday, March 1, 2008

Teenage Violence is Killing us All

Two days ago, on Thursday, the hip hop/rap artist, Juvenile's 4 year old daughter was murdered. Police, answering a "shots fired" call, found the bodies of 4 year old, Jelani, and her 11 year old sister, along with the body of their mother. Arrested was Anthony Terrell, the 17 year old son of Jelani's mother - Jelani's half-brother. No motive has been revealed.

How ridiculous and senseless! What could have possibly have been so bad in this stupid kid's life that he had to kill his mother, and his 2 little sisters? Why didn't this kid know how to control his rage? How come this kid had a gun? Jelani's body was found upstairs, away from her mother and sister - the brother "added" Jelani to his body count - for what? Two murders weren't enough to satisfy his deranged violent outburst?

I hope he gets no mercy! And I hope he doesn't commit suicide, like other teenage cowards have done - I hope he has to suffer for their deaths the rest of his wasted life.

Moral of the story: We've GOT to get a handle on our teenagers - they will be our future leaders - we're doomed if we leave it up to them!

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