Monday, March 24, 2008

A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet!

Did you know that 'Miley" is not Miley Cyrus' real name?

The adorable Destiny Hope Cyrus aka Hannah Montana, aka Miley Cyrus is well on her way to formally and legally becoming Miley Cyrus. According to official court papers, Miley's mom and dad, Leticia and Billy Ray Cyrus filed the proper papers and are running the public notices in the newspaper to get their daughter's name changed.

They must feel a tiny bit annoyed - they went to all that trouble that all parents do when picking a name for their newborn child. What they must have gone through (yea, right!) to pick out 'Destiny' and 'Hope' AND having had to decide which order they would go in.

Now! To be slapped in the face by this precocious kid who would rather be called some inane name as 'Miley' - I mean, where'd she get that from? How'd that get started? What's wrong with 'Destiny Cyrus'?

(Or why not be 'Hannah Montana'? It must be copyrighted, I guess.)

Here's some "early life" information on Miley I found on Wikipedia:

  • Cyrus was born in Franklin, Tennessee,[1] the daughter of Leticia "Tish" (née Finley) and country singer Billy Ray Cyrus,[1] and the granddaughter of the late Ron Cyrus. She has two elder half-brothers, Christopher Cody and Trace, the latter being the vocalist and guitarist of an electronic rock band, Metro Station in California.[9] She also has an older half-sister, Brandi, a younger brother, Braison, and a younger sister, Noah, who is also an actress.[10] She was named Destiny Hope because her parents believed that she would accomplish great things.[1] Cyrus gained her nickname "Miley" because she kept smiling ("Smiley") as a youngster.[1]

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