Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Reality TV shows SUCK lately!

NOTE: In the above slideshow, there are no pictures available yet for the new season of The Bachelor: London Calling.

You KNOW what a fan I am of reality TV, right? I can't believe what a let down they have become. American Idol, Survivor, Big Brother, Biggest Loser, Beauty and the Geek, and The Bachelor all just aren't as good as they used to be.

I can't even force myself to watch American Idol any more - actually, I'm way too old for it - only kids watch it, it seems. No grown people I know would have ever picked some of those winners!

The powers that be often try new concepts to attract viewers. They only drive us away - for example, Beauty and the Geek - the attraction was the pairing up of a beauty with a geek and we watch them learn from each other and grow close. The producers have changed the format to have the whole group of geeks competing against the group of beauties. What's the entertainment in that? I'm NOT watching it this season!

I lost interest in Big Brother when they did the all-star show. I don't care about those old contestants - get some fresh faces! We didn't give a crap about them the first time!

The same goes for Survivor and their "Fans versus the Favorites" - Hate it! How many more times can we watch Jonathan act like an idiot?

I've got my fingers crossed for The Bachelor - so far, so good. The girl who sang the guitar-assisted song that she supposedly wrote for him is from my hometown. But why does there always have to be one drunk on every show?

I've even had to go to cable for my reality TV fix! I recently discovered Rock of Love 2 -the idea is similar to The Bachelor, if not a complete clone, that they are trying to find "true love" for Bret Michael, the lead vocalist of the rock group, Poison ("Every Rose has its Thorn"). Poor guy - like he can't find a woman! Yea, right! But the girls he gets to choose from are, for lack of a printable word, sexy.

Then there's Flavor of Love - what the hell were the producers thinking about? The ONLY thing interesting about this show is how the hell would any female want him, Flava Flav? Ewww! Is this what they mean by "Desperate times call for desperate measures?"

I love watching Celebrity Apprentice - with Piers and Omarosa and Vinnie and Steven and Trace (woah, baby - that's one sexy cowboy!) - it cracks me up that these public figures can be just as stupid and immature as us regular folk!

My favorite is Dancing with the Stars - don't even think about phoning me or otherwise disturbing me when it's on! You ought to see me - when they give an outstanding performance (in my eyes, I guess) I go berzerk! I jump up and whistle and clap and hoot and holler! I live for this show!

Geez! Gimme a break - it's the only excitement I get 'round here!

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