Sunday, February 10, 2008

Name that Movie

“Name that Movie”
  • Name a movie that has the subject in it fairly prominently - point it out if you need or want to.
Example: Q: a football A: "Brian's Song", or "The Longest Yard", or "Radio"
  1. An annoying mother or mother-in-law
  2. A spoiled little kid
  3. A dumb blonde
  4. A dog groomer, walker, or sitter
  5. Hookers
  6. A Live person inside the TV
  7. A bicycle
  8. A child with a mental handicap
  9. A pirate or ship’s captain with a disability
  10. Magic (but not a cartoon
  11. A natural disaster other than a tornado (twister, cyclone, etc.)
  12. A talking animal
  13. A gorgeous staircase
  14. An expensive fish in an aquarium
  15. A man taller than six feet tall
  16. Monkey or monkeys (not an ape)
  17. A robot or robotics
  18. A closed-in or enclosed area of water
  19. A red vehicle
  20. A cabin in the woods
  21. An old appliance or gadget
  22. A record playing
  23. A girl with braids or dreadlocks
  24. Jogging or running
  25. More than one horse
Do not use without permission: Original contents composed and compiled by Geni Hanna, February 10, 2008

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