Saturday, January 5, 2008

Secret Society, New World Order, Illuminati taking over?

We've all heard the conspiracy theories. We've heard the rumors and the accusations. We've been told we are slowly but surely being brainwashed and overwhelmed. Is it too late? Do we have a choice? Is it even real?

Watch this enlightening but frightening video on the subject - I'm actually almost a little bit scared. If it's true, what do we do? Where can we go? Who's really behind it all? You'd be shocked at which and how many of our government officials are members of these groups - even the current president is a full-fledged member of Skull & Bones!

Are you worried?

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driftersong said...

Its possible to believe that eventually we may go out like that but like the fall of Rome , i believe the bomb is many years off , i believe that the united states will fall eventually first , ive got a vision of why and how i believe it may happen first , im writing a book about my vision of the future