Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ways to help make the planet "green" and save money too!

Everyone must do his or her part and take responsibility for what he or she can to repair/improve the damages that have been made and are continuing to be made against the Earth.

Here are some good ways to make positive impressions on, not only the planet, but our pockets as well:

  1. ELECTRICITY: If you're not using it, or if it doesn't HAVE to be on, like the refrigerator or a clock, unplug all electrical items. Leaving the toaster or the microwave plugged in is bad - the combination of things unnecessarily plugged in contributes to about a third of your electricity bill. Think how much money you would save if you just took the time to connect things only when you need them!
  2. PAPER: Leave the ATM and gas receipts there! If we all did that, we could circle the globe at least 5 times with that which we saved! Jot the amount down in your checkbook and be done with it.
  3. WATER: Drink tap water. First of all, water is more strictly regulated than bottled water. The fad is over. Evian out, the planet in! Yes, I realize not drinking bottled water could affect thousands of people's jobs, but it could also save us $8 billion a year! Not to mention, all of the plastic associated with it - 60 million bottles are tossed in the trash every year.
  4. TEMPERATURE: If everyone were to set their air-conditioner or heater to one degree higher/lower, the savings per month would be about $100 - this is around $10 billion a year savings in the cost of energy.
  5. LAUNDRY: Always run a complete load. Never wash a half load or one item. Whenever possible, let your things dry naturally. Air dry all lingerie and never put a comforter or bedspread into the dryer!
  6. RECYCLED GOODS: Whenever you can, use recycled goods - paper, plastics, rubber items. And always recycle. Yes, it's a pain in the neck to separate your everyday waste, but eventually the effort will pay off for us all.
  7. FUEL: Did you know that every additional 10 pounds of luggage you check in at the airport amounts to around 350 million gallons of jet fuel a year? That much fuel could keep a 747 flying for more than 10 years! Pack light, people!
  8. ENTERTAINMENT: Namely, music. Can you believe that there are more than 45 million CDs and DVDs dumped in landfills each MONTH? I know most won't like this, but, download your music (and software and movies) whenever you can. A typical CD costs around $15; usually you can get the same for about $10 online. (But, be sure to PAY- don't try to pirate it or get "bootleg" media.
  • Carpool
  • Brush your teeth in the shower.
  • Eat leftovers.
  • Reuse newspaper for packing, wrapping, cleaning (in place of paper towels)
  • Write on the back of the paper too.
  • Keep things polished and dirt and dust free.
  • Find uses for paper AND plastic grocery bags (wastebasket liners, lunch bags)
  • Go to the doctor and the dentist regularly - you may be able to prevent something.
  • Reuse medicine bottles (store lotion, bath oil, paper clips, tacks, nails, etc.)
I'm sure there are more, but can't recall them right now.
Do you have some tips to help make our world "greener?"

Please let us all know here!

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