Tuesday, October 9, 2007

You would think we were from another planet!

My kid seems to think I couldn't possibly know anything about what she is going through. She seems to think I went from my crib to kindergarten to college to the present.

You could knock her over with a feather whenever I sing along with "her music" - Little does she know, way too many of "her songs" are actually remakes of MY music! I know she doesn't really think that Monica and Usher were the first to sing and make popular the song, "Let's Straighten it out" and not Clarence Carter.

Where do teens get off thinking they know everything and no one else knows anything!

They do grown out of this soon, don't they?

But, it got me thinking -

What do you remember that is familiar to you (when you were a child) that is totally foreign to your own kids or any kids these days?
  • Do you remember "Squirrel Nut Zipper" candy?
  • Or what about "Chik-o-Stix" and "Mary Janes"?
  • Do you remember walking to the store and collecting refundable soda bottles the whole way so you could cash them in in exchange for candy or whatever?
  • (And when you had a quarter, you came home with a bag full of 25 real regular-sized penny-candies!)
  • I remember every Sunday, after church, we watched “Shirley Temple” movies, and most were in black and white!
  • Do you remember getting up to turn the dial to change the TV channel?
  • Do you remember putting playing cards or bubblegum cards in the spokes of your bike so it would make a sound like a motorcycle?
  • How about the kind of record player where you had to physically set the needle on the record? Especially 45’s - my first 45s were The Jackson Five, “I’ll be There” and The Osmonds, “Puppy Love
  • Did you ever have a "transistor" radio with AM only?
  • What about wearing that bright blue or bright green eyeshadow (and swearing you looked gorgeous)?
  • I remember when EVERYBODY was either in the Girl Scouts or the Boy Scouts or Brownies or Cub Scouts! And Girl Scouts took orders for cookies door-to-door - you could hardly wait the 2 or 3 weeks until they came in!
  • And my favorite, I can remember that the drive-in movie theater charged per car load and when you parked, you opened the trunk and let another (at least) 4 or 5 people out!
What are some of the things you remember?

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