Thursday, October 18, 2007

Not All Teens are Stupid, Selfish Brats

Yes, teenagers can be aggravating. Yes, their hormones are out of control. Yes, they think they know everything and no one else knows anything. But, somehow, some way, there actually ARE a few teenagers who get it.

How is it that a (very) few teenagers have some common sense. Do you think it is because they might have older siblings they learned from the mistakes of? Do you think maybe the parents worked really hard in teaching this kid morals, manners, and values? Or do you think maybe they are genetic rarities, or human mutants? I am just relieved that all is not completely hopeless.

Take a look at some of the comments I found when I "googled" 'teenagers suck' -
these are quotes about teens BY OTHER TEENS:
  • They have no idea what it's like to be a real adult.
  • If you can find one that can construct a complete sentence, you have a veritable Einstein on your hands
  • corrupted little children who THINK that they are adults
  • It is a sad world, when you have 15 year olds girls getting pregnant…
  • when the majority of your fellow classmates have absolutely no respect for anyone or anything
  • where all anyone ever talks about is who is going out with whom
  • where less then 1/4 of the student body has ever read a book cover to cover that’s more advanced than "Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire".
  • Immaturity and disrespect run abundant within the halls of America’s schools
  • They walk around the school acting like they're God's gift to the world, passing judgment on EVERYONE before they know them!
  • They sit in class chomping on gum, playing with their hair, and talking about parties. ..
  • not a fan of getting drunk every night and having sex with people I do not know. Does this make you cool? I don't think so.
  • They have no respect for people who don't meet their little standards. ..bottom line, just accept people for who they are. Not what kind of make up they wear, not what brand of clothes, or how much they go tanning, or how many boyfriends/girlfriends they've had.
Now, my teen falls down the middle - when she wants something or has already done something "wrong" - she can be an angel. All of a sudden, it's like I have a maid. I have an obedient little personal assistant. My first inclination is to say, "okay, what do you want? What are you up to?" BUT I have since learned to enjoy it. Just take advantage of it - it is so rare that you get any type of helping hand.

Besides, you get all that help and you still get to punish or ground them for whatever it was that they did - it's like having double coupons for everything, even the meat and vegetables, in your shopping cart!

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