Thursday, September 27, 2007

Single Parent of a 14 year old Teenage Girl

Have pity on me!

You know how it is if you have or ever have had a teenager!
You KNOW what I'm going through!

Why didn't someone warn me!?

AND I'm a single parent (in my late 40's) and I adopted her from the foster care system 4 months ago!

Don't get me wrong though! She's beautiful and I love her more than I ever thought I could. That's what keeps me from either checking into the nuthouse or chopping her head off! She's a bright, sweet, loving little child - but, damnitt, she's 14! 14 year olds brains just don't work right! It's like they're from another planet, another world! I KNOW you know what I mean, don't ya?!

I've decided to abandon my original theme for this blog and stick entirely to teen themes! After all, there's never a loss for content ideas, that's for sure!

Since she arrived on June 1st, I have run the gauntlet of teen issues! Everything from sex to video games to curfews to dating to school to drugs! It's not that she, personally, has done or wanted to do these things - it's just that I've had to, let's just say, acquaint myself with the pros and cons of these issues! I'm ready (I think!) if ever...!

Fashion is the issue of the day now. Fashion trends, the latest fads, the freakin' mall! Gosh! Was I this big of a pickwad about it when I was her age? I mean, sure, I've got to think back a long way to remember, but I refuse to believe I was this outrageous!

If every teen in the world isn't wearing it, she doesn't want it. If she doesn't walk down the school hallway and see variations of her outfit in multitude, she isn't happy! If it doesn't cost 10 times the amount of my outfit, then she would rather hide in her room or in her locker! When does she grow out of this phase?

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