Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sibling Rivalry

This is a collection of hilarious video clips - BUT, I am posting it especially so you can see the two little girls, sisters, I'm presuming, riding in the little car in front of that fake "moving" background. In the first one,the one on the right of your screen seems to be getting the best of her sister - huh? Shoot, she's clobbering her! Poor little sis!

Yea, but watch for the "revenge" clip - I fell on the floor - for real - it cracked me up! Hope you like it!

By the way, I had one of those "head-over-heels" bicycle accidents once - thought I was so cute, riding my 10-speed with my new leather pocketbook slung over my shoulder. Well, that purse slipped down my arm and into the spokes jamming it immediately and can guess what happened next!

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