Saturday, August 18, 2007

More About Cops

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A good friend of mine had gotten into an altercation with her boyfriend. As it turned out, he hit her and the punch drew blood. Lots of it - coming from her forehead. She jumped in her car to get away from him and along the way, not really having a destination in mind, spotted a cop car. It was in a car parts store's parking lot, backed in. She pulled next to it and the cop rolled down his window.

With blood covering her face, she frantically said, "Help! My boyfriend just hit me!"

You're not going to believe what he said!

Without budging or reacting, he said, "Well, I'm off-duty, ma'am. 'Want me to call someone for you?"

Oh my goodness! Confused and in pain, she just drove off.

As much as we'd like to believe, the depictions of cops on the TV show, "Cops," and in the media, is no where near the truth. They are made out to seem perfect, without sin, so to speak. In the real world, cops are just regular people, with regular emotions, and regular faults. They commit crimes just like anyone else, or worse! They are NOT the infallible saints as they try to portray themselves.

I have yet to meet or hear of or read about a cop that wasn't "operating on both sides of the law."

Have you ever been stopped for speeding or whatever?
Have you ever been let off with a warning?

You committed a crime - why didn't you get a ticket? Think about it - do you think maybe the cop liked you or felt sorry for you or "believed" the story you gave about why you were speeding? Get real! That cop doesn't know you from a can of paint! He could give a rat's ass! He just didn't feel like being bothered or had something else to do.

Such is the way it is. Cops USE laws as they see fit. Sure, you got away with something - the next time you might not. Don't depend on it.

Have you ever seen a cop driving down the highway hauling butt?
Where's he going?

If he (or she) were on official police business and it required him (or her) to get there immediately (to speed) then the blue lights and the siren would be on. That cop that just sped by you probably just had to go to the bathroom.
Quite a few times, the headlines have reported accidents caused by drunken cops. In my town, Jacksonville, Florida, several members of JSO were on trial for murder, but that's another story.

Have you ever seen a car peel by you doing 90 or something? Then you pass by a cop sitting in a parking lot - does he chase down the speeder? Yea, right! He isn't fixin' to trouble himself! Believe that! Unless he is contacted to do so, "homey" ain't going no where!

Once, we were having a run of vandalism in the neighborhood. There were some teenagers "terrorizing" us with their late-night doings and goings-on. I had had to call the police a couple of times - once we heard footsteps running across our roof around 3 or 4 in the morning. The cops came out and basically told us they couldn't do anything unless the culprits were caught in the act or captured on film.

About 6 that same morning, we were awakened by a brick shattering our kitchen window. When we ran out to see what happened, we saw a pack of male teenagers walking up the street. I jumped in my car and drove to the substation around the corner. I caught up with 2 or 3 cops in their cars in the parking lot and told them that the vandals were coming up the street and they should hurry and go get them.

Need you ask what they said?! "Call it in, ma'am - we can't help you."

I can't even finish this post - you do it for me!

Good Cop, Baby Cop

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