Sunday, August 5, 2007

Bad cops

You may not agree, but...


Do not (voluntarily) talk to them.
They are NOT your friend.
They can be very rude and offensive-don’t let them get to you. Ignore it.
Do NOT trust them.
Do NOT antagonize them.
They are as, if not more, criminal-minded as the “criminals.”
They are sneaky. They are trained to “set you up.”
They are liars. They will try to set you up or put words in your mouth.
If it comes down to your word against theirs, you will lose.
They will always assume you are wrong or are the criminal.
They don’t honor “innocent until proven guilty” - to a cop, you ARE guilty.
They do NOT have sympathy; they do not care.
They suspect everyone and everything.
They are very nervous and paranoid and therefore, dangerous..
They are very stressed and/or depressed and therefore, dangerous..
When they say don’t move, don’t or you may get hurt or shot.
Only answer what you are asked. Never volunteer information.
When possible, don’t speak to them at all without a lawyer or someone taping everything for you.
Only deal with them or call them when you absolutely have to.
They are not perfect (much as they’d like to think).
Know that , if they want to, they can charge you and take you to jail for whatever they want.
If they say “Step out of the vehicle” = you ARE going to jail.
If they ask to search your vehicle, ALWAYS say NO. Make them get the warrant and/or the dogs.
If they search your car themselves, they can plant whatever they want and WILL get away with it.
If you hide something and get caught, you are sunk.
The majority of cops use and abuse laws as they see fit.
A large majority of cops are alcoholics and/or drug users.
Do NOT assume the cop you are dealing with is honest.
If you give a cop a reason NOT to like you, you are in deep.
In any kind of “battle” or confrontation with cops, assume you WILL lose

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